Shipping minds – BETWIXT project

Trans video&music: Monika Mausolf, 2011

Project description

Betwixt project includes a series of six images named Dollmen, which were made using photo manipulation and two videos Trans ( 2’12 min) and Betwixt (1’11min). The principal means which I used to build the picture is image distortion. While I’m creating non-obvious fiction world viewed behind the foggy window or turning carousel perspective, I get the viewer into the interaction. I pull him or her into a game between the real image and its reflection because it’s finally viewer’s guesses and experience are these means which determine what he or she is able to see not the eyesight. The picture seems to be polarized, non-obvious, potentially born of a haze of reflections and shadows, as if seen from half-closed eyelids.  It’s always the image of something we saw once and may know very well, anastomotic to the viewer’s interpretation, it creates the internal image. As M. Duchamp said once: “People looking at the  image are the ones who create it”. So that basing on viewer’s speculations I refer to the pictographic human perception of reality. Using the morphing effect, I’m creating a fictional character that embodies this which is close to both social and physical reality – I’m creating a cyborg character.

Already Dorothy Haraway in her Cyborg’s Manifesto written in the mid-eighties of the XX century, she pointed out there how important a source of imagination this character is. In her vision we are all chimeras, theoretical and fabricated hybrids of machine and organic combination. Hybrids created by imaginary fantasies and material reality. Android represents the world of  transgression – the reality and the artificiality, human and inhuman – the world which abolishes all boundaries. Related between machine and anthropomorphic – animal organism, the dividing line is still so fluent  and hard to determine. As Haraway suggests in her manifesto, areas of reproduction and imagination are the fields of continuous conflicts. The last aspect is this one that interest me the most.

I agree with McLuhan’s words that the art acting in this mentioned part has become the accurate information about how to organize your own self in order, and everything is to predict the coming blow from intensified human potential. In an age of computerization it seems to be equally important our virtual to real life. We exist in this reality disembodied, surfing the flickering shreds of information, uncorrelated images, memorizing them in a selective and piecemeal way. The projection which I’m creating in Betwixt project is like a mix of horror movies stills or photo-shoots, experiments with the disembodied cyborg character as a main hero.


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dollmen series, photomanipulation, 2010

Betwixt, photomotion & music: Monika Mausolf, 2010






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