The body has been increased, invaded, and now becomes a host not only by technology but also by remote agents. As the Internet provides multiple forms, interactive display, connect and retrieve information and images, you can now allow unexpected ways of access, connect and get the body itself. And instead of posing online as a way to satisfy desires outdated metaphysical disembodiment, offers, on the contrary, powerful individual and collective strategies for projecting body presence and the dissolution of the ego, but generates new collective physical links and a scaling telematic subjectivity. What becomes important is not merely the identity of the body, but its connectivity; not its mobility or location, but its interface …

(Stelarc in Visions parasitic alternating experiences, intimate and involuntary, Ars Telematica (edited by Claudia Giannetti),
L’angel, Barcelona, 1998)

The project, named Pre-creations includes 14 works which were made using photo manipulation.In my works I’m interested in the human creature. I try to explore its identity, navigating around the thin line determining the sexuality and carnality of a man.In this special project, the main issue is associated with searching for the ideal, perfect shaped face, the eternal quest for beauty.The ideal shape that, according to the general conception of about this matter, concerns faces which seem to be the most symmetrical .In my project I copy part of my face and reverse it onto the opposite side resulting in a mirrored effect. Of course, the result can be seen as the ideal face-form -but you only need to do something wrong for it to end up as an exception from the perceived normality…At worst, a bad imposition and a scarred face appears, almost like one marked by some genetic disease.Singularities with human shapes, monsters, rise up to form an association with futuristic visions. The atmosphere of the pictures obscured in a dark mist is reminiscent of German Expressionist films.These masterpieces, and indirectly, the more recently created film titled ‘The Sandman’. The theme of the latter has similiarities to the case I am  presenting here, where the memories of Hans Bellmer’s fantasy is still alive.

Projekt o nazwie “Pre-creations” (maj 2010) obejmuje 14 prac wykonanych za pomoca foto manipulacji. Interesuje mnie problem odnalezienia twarzy idealnej. Idealnej to znaczy według powszechnego mniemania sprawa dotyczy twarzy symetrycznej. Dzięki odbiciu tych samych części owszem uzyskuję twarz rzekomo idealną perfekcyjną lecz wystarczy jedno odstepstwo, złe nałożenie – uzyskuję twarz szpetną, prawie jak naznaczoną chorobą genetyczną. Powstają osobliwości o ludzkich kształtach, potwory, nasuwające skojarzenie z  futurystycznymi wizjami. cała otoczka, atmosfera zdjec zachowana w przykurzonej mgiełce przypomina tez kadry z  niemieckich ekspresjonistycznych dzieł filmowych czy powstałego na ich kanwie filmu the Sandman, gdzie wyczuwa się reminiscencje Bellmerowskich fantazji.

more photos: precreations


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