Poland / Poznan
I am abnormal 1 & 2 exhibitions in Abnormals Gallery Poznan


dates: 22.01.2011 – 14.02

This year the group exhibition I am abnormal 2 is part of the Abnormal Festival, Abnormal Festival is a joint project of the international art communityabnormals.org, it’s supported by Abnormal Foundation.
During the festival a series of exhibitions presents extraordinary artistic positions of over 50 international artists. As in the past the exhibited works embrace a large spectrum of various techniques and materials, from traditional painting and drawing to contemporary media as video and photography.
But above all, the events offer the opportunity to exchange ideas considering the activities of the portal during the last years and in the future.


Cenin von Catlien (Burcu Corbaci) – Infant Death Funeral Service, Paul Toupet – Du dernier soir, Erika Patrignani – MariaAnna, Monika Mausolf – Light my Fire, Alexander Sterzel – Zahnraeder einer Totgeburt einer Seenixe, Charlotte Guilbert – Trash, Olivier Lelong – Thanatonaute 001

Artists Martin Blanco (Argentina), Cenin von Catlien – Burcu Corbaci (Turkey), Silvia Cruz (Spain), Agnieszka Dellfina Poland, Charlotte Guilbert (France), Patrice Pit Hubert (France), Iwajla Klinke (Germany), Kristian Kragelund (Denmark), Joachim Lapotre (France), Ivan Lardschneider (Italy), Olivier Lelong (France), Patrick Loréa (France), Cedric Magnin (Switzerland), Monika Mausolf (Poland), Virginia Mori (Italy), Craig Murray (UK), Oscar Sancho Nin (Spain), Erika Patrignani (Italy), Ophelia Queen (Italy), Michał Sosna (Poland), Alexander Sterzel (Germany), Jutta Sugden (USA), Paul Toupet (France), New Opera Hero – Steffen Ungerer (UK), Delphyne V. (France), Juan Zavaleta (Canada)


See www.abnormalsgallery.com and www.abnormals.org for more information about the festival.

Abnormal Gallery
A window between abnormals.org and the normal world

Linienstr. 154
10115 Berlin

Opening Hours
Tuesday – Friday 15 – 20h, Saturday 13 – 18h

Tel + 49 30 279 088 19



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